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Could Social Media be Really Killing your Business?

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Could Social Media be Really Killing your Business?


Could Social Media be Really Killing your Business?

Social media is not without its fair share of downsides. Sadly, it is possible for you to continue ‘promoting’ your business online without realizing that your seeming killer-strategy is what is actually killing your business.

What advertising or marketing campaign is ever complete without having a social media strategy? Over the years, social media has remained a go-to strategy for advertising, marketing, and brand management. Its popularity and relative cost-effectiveness makes it an effective tool to promote meaningful customer-engagement and business growth.


Here are 3 ways social media can affect your business negatively:


Negative reviews

Having customers call in or drive by to lodge complaints is completely different from them going online to post negative comments about your business. These negative reviews are far more damaging than you can ever predict. Regardless how quickly you respond to them, negative reviews have a way of discouraging potential customers and making partners feel quite reluctant to do business with you. What’s worse, it could make investors pull out abruptly.

Will Rodgers rightly captures the effective of negative reviews by saying, ‘It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a matter of minutes’.



Plagiarism, the theft of intellectual property, is rightly frowned at in many circles and in the academic world, it attracts jail time. So, if content remains king across all social media platform, it is very important that you avoid using third party content without the owner’s consent or ‘innocently’ leaving out the right acknowledgement.

To reduce your likelihood of making the plagiarism mistake, investing in original content creation is just as important as curating relevant content for your audience.


Paid ad campaigns

For advertising and marketing teams, paid ad campaigns on social media is about the best thing to happen to the ad-world. Compared to traditional advertising, it is cheaper and even guarantees a wider audience reach. However, this doesn’t rule out the fact that it is a significant part of your operational expenses.

So, before you start creating ad campaigns across different social media platforms, you will do well to note that boosting your ad campaign doesn’t automatically translate to a successful campaign. In fact, never run ad campaigns without having a formidable strategy that is sure to yield a high ROI (Return on Investment).

Are you guilty of making some of these mistakes?

Now is the best time to address them. In the world of social media, every content or interaction can either count for or against you. Make wise use of social media today.




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