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Prevent your Phone from getting Cryptojacked with a New Feature from Opera Mini


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Prevent your Phone from getting Cryptojacked with a New Feature from Opera Mini

Prevent your Phone from getting Cryptojacked with a New Feature from Opera Mini

According to some reports, there are currently more than 3 million websites exposed to cryptojacking, so the need for extra protection is bigger than ever. By blocking mining scripts, Opera ensures that its users’ smartphones continue to run smoothly and that they have enough battery life for the things they really want or need to be doing.

Today, cryptocurrencies have become a trending topic especially with their surge in value, so has the mining for new coins, known as cryptocurrency mining. Although many users use their own data, many web developers are increasingly using people’s computers and smartphones for this without their consent. This has affected more than a billion people worldwide, causing their devices to run warm, become slower and eat up their batteries.

Mobile web browser, Opera mini has added protection against cryptocurrency mining scripts to its mobile browsers, protecting hundreds of millions of smartphone browser users against cryptojacking.

“When you browse the web, there are no visual clues that your device is exposed to mining. A single webpage you visit can take up to 4.5 hours of your battery time if you keep the tab open. This often turns out to be just the battery time you needed to use a ride-hailing app or check the map to get home,” says Jan Standal, VP Product Marketing at Opera.

The new anti-cryptocurrency mining feature is activated by default when activating the ad blocker on Opera Mini and Opera for Android. The ad blocker can be enabled in “Settings”, and it will automatically detect and stop the mining scripts written into the coding of a webpage.

To make it easier for you to tell whether your browser is affected by unwanted crypto mining, Opera has created a website which safely checks just that. Simply go to on your mobile or desktop browser to see if your device is impacted by mining.

Cryptocurrency mining drains your smartphone’s battery and dramatically overworks its CPU, With its new browser feature, the mobile browser aims to solve this problem. The app is available in the App Store and Google Play.

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