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How To Start-Up Your Own Cattle Ranch Business

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How To Start-Up Your Own Cattle Ranch Business

How To Start-Up Your Own Cattle Ranch Business

The numbers don’t lie. There is a huge potential in cattle rearing business, so you too can go into cattle rearing business and make big profits from it.

Every Nigerian is aware of the ongoing Fulani Herdsmen crisis in the country. Cattle rearing is business, and any form of crisis is bound to affect a business in different ways. With Cattle herdsmen having troubles with local communities because of open gazing, their cattle rearing business is bound to be affected. Maybe, a lot of us have the notion that only Fulani’s (can) raise cows. That is entirely untrue. The cattle business is a lucrative business open for all.

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh once reported that 6,000 cows are slaughtered in Lagos alone every day for consumption, and over 80,000 cows are slaughtered all over the country every day. This statistics shows the huge potential in cattle rearing business. So you (too) can go into cattle rearing business and make big profits from it.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk around everywhere with your herd, we will discuss below how to start up and manage a cattle stead;

-Draw Up A Business Plan.
Cattle rearing is a serious business that demands the essential requirements of setting up (any) business. Before you start-up, it’s important you first draw up a proposal, do you market survey, have a source of capital, etc.

-Get A Piece Of Land
We all heard about “Factors of Production” in Secondary School Economics, and one of the four factors of Production is “Land”. In Cattle business, you must first secure an ample piece of land, depending on the number of cattle you plan to have in your herd.

It’s important to access the type of soil on the land you want to use for cattle rearing, as type and quality of soil are important.

The land must also have a good source of water supply, as cows are heavy drinkers.

-Gain Some Knowledge Of Cattle Rearing
It’s important to have basic knowledge of what you are about to go into, even if it’s someone else that would tend to the cows on daily basis.

Cows fall into different classes and are valued accordingly. Also, cows are sold at different prices at different times. So it’s a good thing to know the best time to buy low and sell high.

-Get A Veterinary Doctor On Your Payroll
This cannot be overemphasized. Cows are living things, and the state of its health, quality of hygiene its being raised in, its nutrition, etc. all affect the quality of cow that would be produced.
Big fat cows are sold at higher prices, and a big fat cow can only be healthy.

-Choose Your Herd Well.
While buying stocks for starting-up your cattle business, it’s important to choose only healthy cows. It is also important to note the proportion of bulls (male) to the females, as only one bull can service about 20 female cows.

-Get A Steady Source Of Food Supply For Your Herd.
Open gazing has caused a lot of problems in Nigeria. That makes the option of ranches and steads a more convenience and peaceful alternative. Cows by nature are lazy animals, you can even predict from its size. Walking around everywhere for food is a source of stress for them. So in your cattle business, you must establish where to source their feed from. Cows live off basically on grass, grass can be dried, preserved and supplied from anywhere. A Veterinary Doctor can also provide supplements that can be used to make up for any dietary deficiency

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