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6 Surefire Businesses to Start in 2018

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6 Surefire Businesses to Start in 2018

6 Surefire Businesses to Start in 2018

Nigeria has a teeming population, and with such comes great business opportunities. Many able-bodied young men and women roam the streets of the urban centres in Nigeria every day in search of white collar jobs. But this New Year, a new plan would work better than an old one.

Here are a few skilled businesses/trades anyone can learn, become a business owner and even employ others. You can learn of these skills, and by the middle of this year, you could be on your way to becoming your own Boss.

-Motor Repairs, Spare Parts Business
Nigeria has over 11 million cars plying its streets and highways every day. One thing is for sure, and its that these cars usually need maintenance. Some of these cars were bought as second-hand materials, so they do not function at their very best, needing even more regular maintenance.
With a good skill in car repairs, it would be easy to earn the trust of customers and grow your customer base.

Tricycles have become an even accessible means of public transport in our society today, and there are hundreds of them littered in different cities. This holds potentials for its repairs and maintenance.

Software Programming.
In our modern world today, software programming skills are invaluable and a heavy-earner. It does not even require a university degree before you can make a mark for yourself. There are different software packages, and different Organizations need different packages. This makes the market for software programmes huge with lots of potentials.

Clothing is a basic need of life, so everybody must wear clothes. Apart from Party wears, school uniforms, sportswear, night wears, baby wears, etc. All these are good opportunities anyone can explore and make a living for themselves. Training in Dress Making may take between 6 months to 1 year, depending on how much interest you commit to it.

Online Money.
You must have heard of ‘internet money’ – people making thousands and millions of Naira off the Internet from the comfort of their homes. Well, you too can, and it does not require much, just Internet access and a passion to succeed are your starter pack. You can go into blogging, freelancing, online marketing, the sale of Content, etc, and all these can earn you big if you are good at it.

Food is another basic human need, and Agrobusiness is the business of food. There are different businesses in Agriculture anyone can venture into. Once the rain comes and the Planting season begins, so this is the best time to make-up your mind on whether or not you want to reap the harvest by the coming season.
Some agricultural ventures do not have seasons, they cultivate all year round, such as poultry.
There are different Government programmes available to encourage and support farmers. This New Year is a good time to benefit from any of such packages.

-Photography and Videography.
Even the boom of Camera phones and iPads has not eroded the patronage of Photography and Video Coverage. In fact, the art has metamorphosed and improved tremendously over the years. So have you always been fascinated about flashlights, this New Year is the best time to take a step toward becoming a master in the art.

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