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5 Small-Capital Businesses to Start this Christmas Season


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5 Small-Capital Businesses to Start this Christmas Season

5 Small-Capital Businesses to Start this Christmas Season

It’s 21 days left to the most anticipated holiday in the year. For those who celebrate this special holiday know it is always filled with merriment. So while you’re waiting for Christmas to come, you probably want to make some extra money for the holiday season and you don’t know which business to start.

Not to worry, we have put together business ideas that you can start this Christmas season. And the best part, the startup capital is very affordable! So here are business ideas you can start this Christmas season;

1. Fireworks

Fireworks are a good way to start the holiday season. Also known as bangers, they are the highlight of every festive season and are always in high demand. As much as people dread them, people still can’t do without them, most especially children. There is a lot of money to be made from this business. It is estimated that Nigerians spend more than N10 Billion annually on fireworks within that period of December.

The startup capital is not very high and the best way to profit is to be a supplier petty sellers. These fireworks sell from first week of December till first week of January.

2.Christmas Trees And Decorations

This is another must have for a Christmas celebration. What is the importance of christmas without the trees and decorations? This is also in high demand as they will also be needed in not just homes but community centers, offices, religious institutions, supermarkets and various firms. This is another good small-scale business idea. With a creative mind and the right choice of materials, you are good to go. Others include lights, baubles, candles and fragrance and accents. These décor items are sold at affordable rates and you can still make good profits from this business.

3. Hamper (Gift Basket)

Hampers are gift packs that you are usually exchanged between friends and families during festivities. Gift baskets have made it easier to give gifts to love ones without getting confused about what they really want. These baskets have been transformed into beautiful, elegant, thoughtful gift hamper that reflect the givers’ true feelings towards the recipient. This business is very profitable and doesn’t go out of season.

4. Christmas Wears and Cards

Another must for a perfect Christmas holiday. There is always an increase in the demand for customized Christmas accessories like caps, hats, antlers, hand bands, etc.

This is one business venture that one can pick up easily and can be assured of good returns. The accessories and cards are sold at affordable rates.

5. Sales Of Beef, Poultry Meat

And last but not the least, your Christmas chicken or meat. As Nigerians, our Christmas is never complete without that beautiful chicken or meat on our food. Since celebration and feasting are usually norms during the season, buying beef and poultry meat (Chicken, turkey) in whatever form and size is a must in many homes. This will definitely fetch you a lot of money. The good thing about the business is an all-time business. It commands patronage all seasons.

Good luck!

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