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Business Opportunities in The Leading Industries of The World.



Business Opportunities in The Leading Industries of The World.

Business Opportunities in The Leading Industries of The World.

Competition is stiff in the World market, but some products stand way ahead of others, and promise huge returns anytime, any day, anywhere. The market in these industries are steady, and their turnover are high. As an Entrepreneur, how can you tap into these business goldmines? Here are 6 leading industries in the world, and few ways you can earn income from any of them.

#Retail and Food.
Food is a basic human need, so the Nigerian population of 170 million people depend on food to survive. The world’s food industry was valued at 5300Billion dollars as at 2015.So how can you fit into the food industry? Well, basically, you can grow yours. So farming is one. An Entrepreneur can go into processing and preservation of food. Or you set up food outlets where you serve already made food.

Alcohol remains a largely consumed drink in every part of the world. Asides for recreational use, alcohol is used as preservative in Factories, and Industries. The value of Alcohol Industry stood at 1161 billion dollars in 2015. Alot of viable business ventures are drawn from the alcohol industry – Bars, Wineries, Retail and Distribution.
. The vibrant night life of most cities in Nigeria and the every weekend party guarantees a steady market for alcohol business.

#Oil and Gas.
The potentials of the Oil and Gas industry is very prominent in Nigeria. Oil earnings alone is the largest revenue earner of Nigeria.

How then can private individuals profit from the Industry? Some business opportunities in the Oil and Gas Industry includes Oil exploration, drilling, rigging, operations and maintenance services, Business Development and Marketing, Consultancy, transport and distribution, Sale of Lubricants, Petrol, Kerosene, Disel, etc.

# Pharmaceuticals.
The pharmaceutical industry is one of the leading industries in the world. Everyone falls sick at some point in their life, some others depend on drugs to survive. This makes the pharmaceutical industry a very viable industry, and it’s value stands at 950 billion Dollars.

So how can an Entrepreneur cut a pie in the industry? As a Specialist industry, a chunk of their operations is reserved for professionals. But that does not mean that non-professionals cannot make it big in the sale of pharmaceutical products. Ventures in the pharmaceutical industry include – dispensing, retail, distribution, research, production, drug regulation and control, etc.

Telecommunications is one of the leading industries in our world today, and its prospects does not seem to be slowing down. The value of the Industry stood at 957 billion dollars at 2015. So what jobs can one engage in the Industry? Sale of phones and other gadgets, sale of phone accessories, maintenance and repairs, service providers, retail of call vouchers, etc.

#Information Technology.
The information technology industry is one of the most vibrant industries of the 21st century. It’s product – the computer revolutionized our jobs, business and society at large. The Industry has produced the richest billionaires in the world. Many opportunities offered business is open to everyone, some of these opportunities include – design and sale of computer softwares, sale of computer hardwares, repair and maintenance and computers, digital analysts, etc.

#The Cosmetic Industry
Looking good isn’t good business. Women love to look beautiful. The Cosmetic Industry prides a broad range of beauty products.These products include Skin care products, hair products, fragrance and perfumes, make up, etc.

Some Beauty brands are built on a network of marketers who earn income at every chain of the distribution. Making their end users both a customer and a marketer. Different business ventures in the Cosmetic Industry include manufacturing of beauty products, sale and distribution, retail, Make-up artistry, Beauty Salon, etc.

Other vibrant industries include the automobile industry, garments and materials, Entertainment, Transport, Banking, Real Estate etc. And any business centered around any of them is bound to thrive.

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