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We Aim To Bridge the Technological Gap Between Nigeria and the Developed World – Isoko Walter of Flux Tech Africa

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We Aim To Bridge the Technological Gap Between Nigeria and the Developed World – Isoko Walter of Flux Tech Africa

We Aim To Bridge the Technological Gap Between Nigeria and the Developed World – Isoko Walter of Flux Tech Africa

Technology has become like the most important thing in the world. It has become a useful tool in everyday life, and for businesses in this age, they can hardly survive without infusing technology in their business processes. With this, more and more people are acquiring the skills, and cashing in on the growing demand for tech services.

Isoko Walter’s Flux Technology is one of the growing number of technology service providers in Nigeria. Although the market has become saturated, with a lot of competitors new entrants have to face, Isoko Walter places his edge on more valuable service.

In this interview, he reveals more about Flux Technology and the solutions he’s offering.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am Isoko Walter Jnr,  C.E.O/Co-founder of Flux Technology Africa. I am a Tech entrepreneur, a digital marketer. I studied Mathematics and Statistics at Ambrose Alli University, Edo state, Nigeria.

I am passionate about developing tech businesses, creating massive opportunities for young Nigerians and helping Nigerian start-ups achieve strong market presence with technology.

Tell us about Flux Technology and the solutions are you offering?

Flux Technology Africa is a leading provider of tech solutions and services in the African market.

We create and deliver swift, affordable tech solutions that enable our clients and customers meet their needs. We provide an online platform where individuals, businesses, institutions and more can easily request for the best tech solutions that would enable them achieve more daily.

We provide varying tech solutions that cover custom software development, web consulting (including website design & development), systems deployment and integration, mobile apps solution and cloud services, e-business services, business intelligence solutions, hosting services, biometrics and security solution, management and problem resolution, animated campaigns and much more

What inspired the idea to begin this?

First and foremost, Flux Technology Africa was founded in 2016 by five awesome guys. Me (Isoko Walter) as the C.E.O, Abiola Miracle the C.T.O, Enakhifo Tony whose our Head of operations, Aigbe Timothy as the business developer and Ogunlowo Joseph, our Tech analyst.

We saw a very huge gap.

The use of technology has been integrated into virtually every facet of commerce, education, governance and civic activity in developed countries and has become a critical factor in creating wealth worldwide. Unfortunately in Nigeria, technology has barely taken a foothold. Computer illiteracy and lack of access to advanced technological solutions and services are widely recognised as an increasingly powerful obstacle to the economic, civic and political development of Africa.

We saw a huge gap, and a need to bridge the tech/digital divide between Nigeria and the developed world.

Secondly, Nigerians do not understand or trust technology.

Basically there is a lack of education generally in Nigeria about the potential of technology and also due to lack of solid implementations of technology, we witness technology fail all around us regularly.

We see lots of tech firms claiming to deliver  the best services but end up doing shoddy works. This is why we are here, to solve this issues by giving clients the best tech solutions and services they deserve. We would also be launching our academy officially very soon, where we would teach people how to code in 3 months, a platform where we educate, empower and turn young Africans into software engineers.

There are a number of technology service provider in Nigeria, what stands Flux Technology out?

What makes us unique from other tech service providers in Nigeria is the fact that we create and deliver value to our clients. For instance, a lot of clients want the moon, but what they really need is a grain of sand. We provide the perfect tech solutions that enable our clients meet their needs.

Since launch, how has been the response rate from Nigerians?

The response rate has been wonderful. We are currently bringing technology to various parts of Nigeria, working with various companies and educating the public on why they should embrace technology.

What challenges do you face running this line of business and how do you overcome them?

Every company or business faces  challenges and we are not any different. But our major challenge is the fact that most Nigerians want cheap tech solutions and services. For instance, they do not understand the fact that there is a huge difference between an ecommerce website created for N20,000 to N50,000 and that of N100,000 and above.

There are lots of advantages when you create a standard ecommerce website – you get higher disk space, enough bandwidth. The site must never go down, that’s were VPS server comes in, also your payment gateway, SSL, locked domain, and most especially the architectural framework used by the developer.

So we need to really educate the public about things like this, and we are currently doing that.

What sparked your interest and love for tech?

Well I actually grew up watching movies like the iRobot by Michael Lee Baron’s, Terminator and much more. I fell in love with technology a long time ago, I loved computer games. This actually made me learn certain tech skills like digital marketing, and I just kept developing myself.

Tell us the story behind your foray into entrepreneurship?

I feel really humbled and really grateful to have the opportunities that I’ve had over the past couple of years to work with some amazing people. I started entrepreneurship while I was still in the university, where I met my cofounders.

We spent a lot of time together, so we decided to start something. Something that could really transform Africa. We all had this drive and desire to do more, to impact. That’s how it all started for me.

What has been your most exciting moment since you started running Flux Tech?

My most exciting moment. Well, there has been a lot of exciting moments, but I think it’s spending much time with my team, working and learning and playing too. And most importantly seeing that customer satisfaction, seeing a happy client.

What’s your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria??

If you are an entrepreneur, then you are a blessing to this world. But you need to work hard so you can play hard at the end of the day.

If you put all the work in, eventually it will pay off. It could be in a year, it could be in 30 years. But eventually, your hard work will pay off. So just keep pushing.

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