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Top 10 Businesses to Do in Dubai


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Top 10 Businesses to Do in Dubai

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Top 10 Businesses to Do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the fastest rising cities in the world. It offers many lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs all across the world. Are you considering to move to the capital city of the United Arab Emirates? Then you’ve made a good decision as Dubai offers easy access to the 1.5 billion consumer markets situated in Africa, West Asia, CIS countries, Eastern Europe, as well as the neighbouring Middle East countries. Also, the UAE government is focused on sustaining an environment that is favourable to foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

Many Nigerian business people make regular and cheap flights to Dubai to make purchases in its Free Trade Zone area as this costs much less compared to other parts of the world. Although of recent the devaluation of the naira has discouraged the usual buzz for travelling to Dubai, many Nigerians are still making their way to the city regardless.

In this post are ten business ideas for that entrepreneur who is bound for Dubai. Here they are:

  1. Construction: With a swelling population, it is only appropriate that new buildings are erected on a daily basis. Therein lies so many opportunities for entrepreneurship.
  2. Oil and Gas: The UAE economy and its growth are well sustained with much credit given to the oil and gas sector. Although there are many players in this field, there is still room for innovative ideas to flourish.
  3. Food and Snacks: If your food is good enough, you’ll always get customers, especially if its a Nigerian delicacy as there are thousands of Nigerians in Dubai. The demand for food is never low anywhere in the world, and Dubai is not an exception.


    One of the world’s tallest hotel building, the Burj Al Arab. Photo credit:

  4. Tourism: Little wonder why in Dubai is the world’s tallest hotel, the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel and many other world-class hotels. This is simply because Dubai is a preferred vacation destination. You would obviously even know one or two persons who have had their weddings or honeymoon in the city. This is simply a business opportunity to tap into.
  5. Digital Marketing: All businesses mentioned will definitely want to be online via a website, own social media accounts, and build their email lists. This is an opportunity too if you’re a skilled professional in this field.
  6. Childcare Facilities and services: When parents get away to their daily hustle, they would need someone capable to take a good care of their youngsters. This may be in the form of a daycare centre or running nanny and babysitting services.
  7. Bars, Entertainment Houses and Nightclubs: After closing time, residents of Dubai, especially expatriates want to cool off and need a place to be cosy. Are you all for the nightlife? Then running this kind of business is worth contemplating.
  8. Trading: Now here comes the popular phrase, “Import and Export.” People from a certain part of Nigeria are known for their love for participating in this business. But they are not alone. Many traders from around the world shuttle Dubai’s Free Trade Zone and Deira, a well-known shopping spot for cheap goods. Just about anything can be exported and imported, the possibilities are endless.
  9. Healthcare: As the famous saying goes, health is wealth. For people to continue to live well and enjoy the benefits of life, they must be healthy. Dubai is a hotspot for medical practitioners to set up shop and save people’s lives while smiling to the bank.
  10. Technology: There is no way this should be left out as Dubai is a very tech-driven city. Any and every kind of service and product can be built with tech, therefore, setting up a business that caters to tech needs such as website development, building apps, setting up an e-commerce store etc is very sensible.

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