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5 Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

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5 Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

5 Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

When someone starts out in Internet marketing, they do everything possible to make their website as professional as possible. However, many beginners don’t appreciate what it takes to optimize their site’s conversion rate, whether it be for leads, e-mail list sign-ups or actual sales.

Spending thousands of naira on website design does not guarantee sales either, even if you employ a certified professional.

So what’s a beginner supposed to do?

Granted, website changes involve some risk, especially the risk of your conversion rate decreasing after the changes. However, if you track your results with standard A/B testing (where you just change and track one thing at a time), you should get closer to your online business goals.

This article explores several conversion rate best practices that new (and veteran) marketers can test to improve their lead generation, sales level, and profit from their website.

1. Clear and Precise Headlines and Sub-Headlines

Headlines are arguably the most important part of a landing page, because that is often what influences a visitor’s first impression of your business and their decision to stay on the site or click the back button.

Mess it up, and say hello to a high bounce rate.

So few words, but getting them right sends the appropriate message to the reader and encourages them to advance further down your page.

The headline is the first thing you should always test when trying to increase conversions.

2. Changing the Color of your Call to Action (CTA) Button

You may have great sales copy, a compelling narrative, strong testimonials on your website, but a  poor choice of color for your CTA button can negate all the positives of your page.

Choose a button color that contrasts best with the web page’s background, hasn’t been used much on the page so that it attracts the necessary attention. By default, a solid red is a good color choice provided that red is not dominating your text, images, and displayed videos. Orange, blue, and green buttons tend to work as well.

3. Test the Wording in Your Call to Action (CTA) Button

You can only say so much in a CTA button, but what you say and how you say it can have a significant impact on your conversion rate. Even a simple squeeze page for an e-mail newsletter needs a magnetic call to action, one that can improve conversion by up to thirty percent!

For example, instead us using “Submit” for a free offer; you might want to test: “Free Instant Access”, “Download Now”, or “Sign Me Up!”.

4. Add a Useful (Instructional) Video

Video marketing has become mainstream, so there is no excuse for not posting a short video that introduces website visitors to your business or what you have to offer. If your product or service activity lends itself to more detailed explanations, consider adding an instructional video to the mix.

Also, if you aren’t using video marketing as part of your overall social media marketing strategy, now would be a good time to consider adding it to your marketing mix.

5. Eliminate Stock Photos from your Website

Now, more than ever, visually appealing graphics lend to the credibility of an online presence. You’ve probably seen or used bland, generic looking stock photos before. While they are low-cost, short-term solutions that compliment what you write online, their use risks jeopardizing your authenticity and credibility.

Prospects and web browsers relate to real people and realistic situations. In fact, showcasing business owners or employees has been shown to increase website conversion rates versus the use of generic models. After all, people want to do business with someone they trust and are comfortable with.

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