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3 simple ways to sustain your employees’ productivity

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3 simple ways to sustain your employees’ productivity


3 simple ways to sustain your employees’ productivity

Here are 3 simple tips to keep your employees ‘irreversibly’ unproductive:

Productivity: workplace boredom


Machines break down… equipment will need repair… and employees can get lethargic and somewhat unproductive. As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to ignore the signs or feel less concerned because the productivity of your employees has a direct bearing on the success of your business.

Happy employees = Happy customers = Growing business

So, before your employees get ‘irreversibly-unproductive’, here are 3 ways to keep them on their toes at all times:


Walk through their career path with them

Like it or not, having an team of A-list employees means that you are currently working with a group of people who view working with you to be a phase in their personal/career development. They will definitely get disinterested and disengage their service if and when they sense redundancy.

To keep them on board for as long as you can, ensure you actively engage them, organise, and participate in personal/career development programmes regularly. Don’t just be their boss. Become a friend, mentor, and confidant who is forward thinking enough to show them the ropes.

productivity: micro-managing



Quit micro-managing them

Already, your employees are having a hard time working on their new project. Don’t turn up the heat any further! They need you to show a level of trust and confidence in their skills and ability.

Don’t restrict them to their job descriptions or title. Using Key Performance Indicators, assign new tasks and projects that challenge their intellect and creativity. Provide them with the resources they need to perform the task, give them the support they need, and wait for the report.


Be open to new ideas and opinions

Often times than not, employees experience workplace boredom when they feel that there are more efficient ways of getting things done but ‘the boss doesn’t value their opinion’.

Value the opinions of your employees. Engage them in finding solutions to problems. Don’t forget to give them their due credits, rewards, and remunerations. A simple ‘thank you’ can be all an employee needs to remain motivated and ‘keep going at it’.

Remember, lethargy and lack of focus can happen to the best of employees. Your duty as ‘boss’ is to study the different personalities of your employees and identify what they need to remain productive.

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Have a profitable day!

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