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Leading Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria.


Leading Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria.

Leading Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria.

There are many advantages that come with a vibrant manufacturing industry in a country. Unfortunately, Nigeria is at loss of those advantages as it operates an import-dependent economy, with a vast percentage of products consumed in Nigeria being imported from other Nations.

This invariably hampers our progress as an industrialized Nation. Fortunately, some Companies move against this tide, by manufacturering their line of products within Nigeria and even exporting to other Nations. These companies shows promise on the viability of the manufacturing industry in Nigeria.

Below are the some manufacturering companies in Nigeria ;

# Dangote Group.
Dangote Group is a wholly indigenous company founded in 1981. It is one of the most diversified business conglomerates in Africa. Dangote Group first began as a cement company, but has expanded to the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of products, including Sugar,Salt, Pasta and Noodles, etc.

# Nigerian Breweries.
Founded in 1946, Nigerian Breweries has stood the taste of time and has emerged as the leading manufacturer of brewed drinks in Nigeria. There line of products not only serves the Nigerian market, but is also exported to other countries in West Africa. Their range of products include, Star Lager, Gulder Lager, Legend Extra Stout, Maltina, Amstel Malta, Orijin Bitters, etc.

Nigeria Breweries over the years acquired other brewing companies and became one strong gaint company.

#Pz Cussons.
Pz Cussons is reported to be Nigeria’s largest and most diverse single market in consumer products. Its range of products span through Personal care brands, Home Care, Electricals and Food and Beverages.

Pz is behind the popular Thermocool range of products. Other products include Imperial Leather, Carex, Cussons Baby, Premier Soap, Joy Soap, Morning fresh, Olympic milk, etc.

# Unilever Nigeria.
Unilever Nigeria is a subsidary of the global Unilever company. Unilever is a very successful company in the international scene with over 400 brands and annual sales of over a billion euros.

Unilever Nigeria line of products are organized into four divisions :Foods, refreshment, home care and personal care. Their products include Lipton, Knorr cube, Omo, Sunlight, Close up,Lux, etc.

#Mamudo Industries Nigeria Limited.
Mamuda Industries is a leading company in the leather industry in Nigeria. They manufacture quality leathers with range of fine finished leather products, agro and polypropylene sacks.

#Innoson Group of Companies.
Innoson Group of Companies is a homegrown manufacturing company in Nigeria, with its headquarters in Nnewi, Anambra State. Innoson Group of Companies is made up of subsidiaries that manufacture different line of products.

Innoson Technical and Industrial Limited is the biggest Plastic manufacturing plant in Nigeria, with over 150 products lines. With great ambition, Innoson Group of Companies grew from a spare parts company to a car manufacturing company. Innoson Vehicle manufacturing Company Limited(IVM) is the first Nigeria company to produce cars.

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