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Different Ventures in Food Business in Lagos.

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Different Ventures in Food Business in Lagos.

Different Ventures in Food Business in Lagos.

Food is a basic need of life. Even in dire economic times, demand and supply of food never goes down.

Lagos is a mega city,with a booming population of 21 million people according to a National Population Commission report in 2016. Life in Lagos is filled with a lot of hustle and bustle. People set out every day either for school or work, leaving very early in the morning and returning late at night. Leaving little time to tend to their nutritional ends at home. This drives the thriving ready-to – eat food industry in the big city.

Only a few people prepare all the food they eat at home. Some people only eat dinner at home, while they have their breakfast and lunch outside their home.

With the teeming population in Lagos, the patronage of ready-to-eat food businesses promises to remain stable. Here are 5 hot sell food business ventures that thrive in Lagos ;

#Fast Food.
The fast food revolution hit Nigeria in early 2000. It distinguished itself in the food business as it offered varieties of meals and snacks, and came with a lot of glamour. Fast food joints appeal more to the middle class, the young and the “hippie”.

Fast food joints maintain high standards in hygiene and require good managerial skills for smooth operation.
Some fast food joints offer food delivery services as customers can place orders for food and have it delivered to them at their homes or offices.

# Roadside Food Vendors.
Roadside food vendors make up the largest base in the food business hierarchy. Roadside food sale is the simplest form of business in the ready-to-eat meals trade. With little or no professional training in catering, individuals prepare and sell different Nigerian meals.

They serve food at almost any time of day, as some food peddlers sell in the morning, while some others sell in the afternoon, and others at night.

The road side vendors sometimes, operate in unsanitary conditions and are less bothered by hygiene standards.

#Food Catering Services.
Some food companies specialize only in party catering services, while some others are off-shoot of restaurants. This companies are hired to prepare meals eaten at social events of gathering of any kind. Companies like this have revolved and offer varying degrees of services for their customer’s pleasure.

#Native Food joints.
Lagos is occupied by people from different ethnic groups. People feel nostalgia for their native foods and would always enjoy the pleasure of eating it where ever they can find it. Native food joints are spread out in different parts of Lagos and such businesses thrive. The Igbos alone have an array of local delicacies, the Calabars, the Urohobos, the Hausas and also the Yorubas. These natives are usually willing to spend money to get a taste of the their favorite local dish.

#Snack Bars.
Snacks are easy and fast substitute for food. People enjoy snacks as much as they enjoy food,both adults and children alike. Making the snacks business an equally vibrant one.

Snacks are better enjoyed with iced cream, juice or drink. Unlike food, they remain edible for longer hours, even days without going bad.

The food industry holds great potentials
is a viable business any Entrepreneur can venture into. Which would you love to venture into or invest in?

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