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These Apps Are All You Need To Be A Productive Entrepreneur

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These Apps Are All You Need To Be A Productive Entrepreneur

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These Apps Are All You Need To Be A Productive Entrepreneur

Time is probably the most valuable resource an entrepreneur has – not money, ideas, or people. With more of it, he/she can get enlist the help of people, create more ideas and increase his/her net worth. But with a pile of work always in need of attention, there seems to be less and less of time – giving that feeling that 24 hours is never enough each day.
In an age of technology such as this, it will be a sorry affair to loose out of using tech to get stuff done faster and easier. Listed below are 12 apps every entrepreneur must use to increase their productivity and get more done:

#1 Evernote

productiveThis nifty little tool comes first because of its versatility. It helps business owners create notes and reminders on the go, jot down ideas, take photos of business cards and important documents, record audio notes, and a whole lot more. What else could you ask for to reach your productivity zen? It is accessible on the web, desktop, Mac, iOS, and Android, syncing across all platforms seamlessly. It’s also one of the best tools for collaboration with team members working on projects. Other alternatives to it are Google Keep, One Note and Colour Note.

#2 Todoist

With Todoist, you can literally achieve your goals. All you need do is create a project and break it down into actionable parts with deadlines. From there, start working and crossing items off your Todoist (yeah, nice pun). Just like Evernote, it’s available on the web and mobile, so you can monitor your tasks on the move – no excuses for not being productive. Its paid version allows you to collaborate as well.

#3 Pocket

Because there is TMI (Too Much Information) you can barely catch up with, it makes sense to archive any articles, images or videos you stumble upon online to save for reading later. That’s what pocket does for you. Just hit the share button and save to your Pocket app. It’s available on the web, as an app and an extension on Chrome and on mobile.

#4 Blinkist

What if you could read up great nonfiction titles in fifteen minutes or less? That’s what Blinkist is all about. The app creators recognise that you have little to no time to read large volumes of text, so they made an app with which you could get the main ideas (they call them blinks) from different books and digest it all on the go. It also has an audio option – just play and learn!

#5 Offtime

If you find yourself being addicted to your device even when you have lots to do, making you feel lethargic and less productive, you need to install this app! Also, it has a call and SMS filtering feature which allows only specific contacts reach you within the time the app is activated.

#6 Google Drive

This probably needs no introduction but formality requires it. Google Drive is an app under Google’s suite of products that lets you save and share documents and all kinds of files. With a large space capacity of 15GB, you can backup your contacts, emails, photos, videos and projects without fear of losing them. For use of ease, it is accessible to use as a mobile app, web client, and on desktop

#7 Notify Block

Say you’re reading a book on your phone and you don’t want to be bothered by any annoying notification, all you need do is activate Notify Block and then you’re good…until the next call comes in.

#8 Slack

It’s a massively useful tool for team members working remotely and a great place to build communities. Share documents and make decisions regarding projects swiftly without sacrificing the essentials.

#9 Skype

Need to keep in touch with all your employees from anywhere in the world? All you need is a phone/laptop, an internet connection, and Skype (not WhatsApp video). It is a well-engineered tool by Microsoft which also has a chat option. Alternatives worthy of mention are Go-to meeting and Google Hangout.

#10 Trello

A Trello board allows you to visually appraise your tasks and prioritise them based on urgency and importance. It’s one of the greats and must be mentioned.

#11 Feedly

Catch up on all the latest news and articles from your favourite sites using Feedly. All you need do is to subscribe to receive updates and within an hour or less of publishing, every fresh content is available for reading! You don’t have to waste precious and productive moments typing web addresses in your browser’s window. You should also look at Nuzzel and Buzzsumo for similar features.


Finally is IFTTT, short for If This Then That. It allows you to automate all kinds of tasks via assigned protocols. Examples of what you could do with the IFTTT app or web client are to save every email with an attachment in your Dropbox or Google Drive folder, to change your Twitter profile image to the same thing as your Facebook’s etc. A similar tool to it is Zapier.

Do you use any of this tools to be more productive in your day to day entrepreneurial life? If so, share your experience in the comments. How has it helped you?

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