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5 Side Hustles That Will Double Your Income

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5 Side Hustles That Will Double Your Income

Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash

5 Side Hustles That Will Double Your Income

In this article, I will be sharing five ideas I believe will change the look of your bank account balance. By the time you finish reading through, you should have a basic idea of what to do to complement your full-time job’s salary and to enjoy the enormous benefits of having a side hustle.

These five side hustles have the potential of doubling what you earn at the moment. Heck, they even could help you with the dream of ‘firing’ your boss and embracing the entrepreneurial life.

Here the side hustles:

  1. Start a service business: What is fascinating about doing a service business is the ease it brings and it doesn’t take much to start. Just a well-crafted email or broadcast message to your contacts is enough to put you in the spot light. Providing busy people with such services as article writing, virtual assistance, dinner catering, online marketing, etc. are some examples.
  2. Launch an online resource: Many Nigerians are cashing out big time by building a relevant online resource in an upscale industry and making it available to the public for a price. It could be an eBook, webinar, Bootcamp, video course, etc. The likes of Stephanie Obi and Emeka Nobis are thought leaders in this regard.
  3. Run a livestock farm: Nigeria is still very much an Agric-focused country so branching out to raise poultry or going into fisheries is a good one for side hustles. Much of the work only has to do with feeding the animals and ensuring they are in a good state of health until harvest.
  4. Make people look beautiful: Everyone likes to look good, especially on weekends. If you are pretty good with makeup, pedicure, and manicure – your clients are waiting for you already. Know how to cut hair and make desired haircuts? Start spreading the word out.
  5. Get paid to do what you love: This is how a lot of business ventures have kicked off. The owner started it as a hobby, and it gradually gained traction then they decided to take things a notch higher. Could this be said of you too? There’s probably something you do for fun that you can monetize. Take an inventory of your so called trivial activities. It could be that you’re giving your friends free business consulting. What if you turned it into a money spinner?

It is 2017 and a great time to be alive. We have the internet and social media – the two greatest inventions of all time in our age. What will you do? Sit down and manage your full-time job’s pay or expand your horizon with new income streams? The ball is in your court!

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