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Apply for Y Combinator’s Winter 2018 Funding Cycle

Y Combinator


Apply for Y Combinator’s Winter 2018 Funding Cycle


Apply for Y Combinator’s Winter 2018 Funding Cycle

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Startup owners and funding cycle

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Think you’ve got the brains, the skills, and the sense of design it takes to build a globally successful startup? Apply for Y combinator’s Winter 2018 funding cycle and stand the chance of being one of the 2000 YC funded companies who are disrupting various entrepreneurial spaces.

Designed to last for 3 months, the funding cycle is open to startups with more than one founders (a maximum of 5). Once selected, you’ll receive expert-help in fine tuning your business plan, dealing with investors, also get the opportunity to pitch your business plan to a carefully selected audience.

To take advantage of this amazing opportunity, you’ve got to send in your application on or before October 3, 2017.

To apply, click here.

For more information, visit Y Combinators.

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