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Stop Killing your Business with that Free Email Address!

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Stop Killing your Business with that Free Email Address!


Stop Killing your Business with that Free Email Address!

Running your business with a free email address isn’t as cost-effective as you think!

Believe it or not, the most amazing thing about running your business with a free email address is that it is FREE. However, the ‘cost-effectiveness’ of doing so pales in comparison with the fact that you are gradually killing your business!



It gives you little or no credibility

Like many other people, I find it increasingly difficult to send my personal/financial/flight details to businesses with addresses like [email protected]. Though it isn’t fool proof, real and credible companies don’t mind paying a fee for their mailing services because they know that an email address like [email protected] ranks them higher on the credibility list of many customers.

A free email address make you doubt a business' credibility

Credit: MOLpay


It speaks little of your professionalism

When it comes to doing business, an email address isn’t just an address. It is a significant piece of your brand’s image that speaks volume of your professionalism. A free email address paints your corporate image in a negative light because the value people (customers, competitors, investors, etc.) place on your business is often times influence by the value, they perceive, you place on it.

For some people, the first contact they will have with your business is your email address and if you must make the right lasting impression then you must get a customized email address.

Now, before you start whining about the extra cost, consider the following:

  • Getting a customized email address is way cheaper than you think. You don’t believe me? Try comparing the pricing list of different email service providers.

    Sorting out your emails


  • It gives you the opportunity of creating different mailing list for each section of your business and employee. It saves you the stress of sorting out your mails or even worse, failing to attend to the all-important ones.
  • For many customers, it is easier to remember an email address like [email protected] than [email protected].

Remember, an email address isn’t just an address. It is a formidable building block of brand’s imageStop killing your business… get customized email address today!

Have a profitable day!

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You’d be glad you did!

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