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5 Nigerian Celebrities with Thriving Side Hustles


5 Nigerian Celebrities with Thriving Side Hustles

5 Nigerian Celebrities with Thriving Side Hustles

Unlike what obtained in the past, when people were satisfied once they had a single paying job, the world has evolved into the age of ‘side hustle’.

A successful career is no longer enough. In this age, people are more creative, innovative and hungry for more. This is evident in the lives of many successful Nigerians. Despite making millions from their careers, they still go out of their ways to set up businesses that are run alongside their careers.

Here are 5 Nigerian celebrities that are part of this trend, running thriving businesses alongside their careers.

1. Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade is an award-winning afropop singer. Known widely as Mama Africa, the ‘Johnny’ crooner came to limelight after winning the maiden edition of Peak Talent Show in 2009. She has since then continued to make giant strides in the music industry, with singles and albums that have gained international recognition.

Not satisfied with her fame as a musician, Yemi Alade ventured into the fashion world in 2015, launching her Jewelry line – The Yemi Alade Collection – a collection of an exclusive range of exotic costume jewelry inspired by her career and personality.

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