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Cool business opportunities for Football fans.

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Cool business opportunities for Football fans.

Cool business opportunities for Football fans.

Sport and sporting games are an essential part of our society today. Even in primitive societies, people enjoy the recreation that comes with participating in sporting activities.

Football has taken center-stage among all other sporting games. It is a great form of entertainment, as almost everyone enjoys football games. But it is more than entertainment for some others. It is also a huge source of income and revenue for individuals and the government respectively.

The lump sum footballers earn is staggering, but one must not be a footballer to earn from football. Beyond the football pitch, there are many other activities, planning, organizing, strategies, etc that are put in to make a match a great spectacle.

Media houses make their money from airing rights, retired players and people with good knowledge and experience in football cash in big money from Coaching. Smart people with good contacts in the football circle make money from acting as Agents. How then can the millions of viewers who are so passionate about football profit from the game as well.

Here are 4 business opportunities football lovers can explore to earn money from their love of the game;

# Sports Blog
Everybody is making money from blogging. Entertainment news, Celebrity news, Fashion, Health, sports, etc are popular blogging niches.

A sports blogger who is current, and well-updated on happenings in football sure would gather millions of followers.

An online entrepreneur can make the most of his/her knowledge of football by sharing up-to-date, second-by-second happenings in football. A good football blog would carry football news, match fixtures and dates, match scores, new signings, loans and transfers, sports analysis and reports, etc.

#Sale of Jersey and other sports accessories.
Football fans love to adorn their club jerseys and any other accessory that identifies them with their favorite club. Even little children are caught in this fanatic show of support.

An entrepreneur can sale or supply customized Club jerseys to customers or retail shops. A club jersey is sold at a higher price than an ordinary shirt or polo.

Other sport accessories include boots, socks, warmers, balls, bags, wallpapers, etc.

#Owing a Sports Bar or a Viewing Center.
Most football fans enjoy viewing matches in the company of other fans, even if they can watch the game in the comfort of their homes. This makes the patronage of viewing centers robust at all times.

While a game is going on, fans order for drinks and other forms of refreshment. Asides the entrance fees customers pay before they watch matches, sale of drinks earn the owner of the Center even more cash.

# Sport Betting
Sports betting has grown exponentially in the past few years in Nigeria. People comfortably bet small money for a chance to win big.

Sports betting is a legitimate business that is regulated and requires a license before operation would begin. We have big betting houses such as Bet 9ja,,NairaBet, etc. These big betting Houses have smaller agents who operate using their franchise. These agents make their profits from percentage that receive from the big betting houses.

This helps spread betting houses to many corners. Customers win various cash prizes in bets. Such winnings help encourage further betting.

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