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4 Apps that Simplify your Entrepreneurial Tasks

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4 Apps that Simplify your Entrepreneurial Tasks


4 Apps that Simplify your Entrepreneurial Tasks

Burdened by never-ending ‘entrepreneurial’ tasks? Here is a solution!

Many mornings, I get out of bed with a frown on my face… not because I had a night mare but because I’m going to have a ‘day mare’

How do I know?

The day has barely started and I already have a long list of things to do and guess what? It’s going to triple in size by noon!

Luckily, I have a personal assistant who is ever efficient and wouldn’t ask for a salary at the end of the month. He is… My Smart Phone!

Now, do you know that your smart phone isn’t just for receiving calls and ‘capturing the moments?’…

Just Kidding!

With 4 easy-to-use apps on your phone, you can complete repetitive tasks that could be the bane of every entrepreneur’s existence. They are:


Credit: MikiGuru

Quick Teller

Don’t know about you, but the queues at the bank scarce me to death. The standing… waiting… and losing valuable time doesn’t just appeal to me at all! But with the Quick Teller app, I can complete different financial transactions from the comfort of my working space and I don’t even need to have different wallets or e-purses to do so!




Entrepreneurs are exceptionally brilliant people but like everybody, we sometimes forget important things. But with a digitized notebook like Evernote, I don’t have to worry about leaving anything out (most of the time).

With Evernote, I get to create to-do lists, reminders, sketches which are instantly available on any device I use. They are so properly organised and archived that I can easily find and share anyone of them with my team mates.



Credit: Live Wire

What’s there not to love about the Gmail app? It doesn’t just only allows you to send and receive emails instantly, it also allows you to save your files and attachments. What’s more, you can get customize a Gmail account for your business and use any of the Google apps that suits your business – Docs, Drive, Hangsout, Calender, etc.



Credit: Slack

When I think about ‘team work’, I think about SLACK. With Slack, I don’t have to share my tiny workspace with my team mates. It is always more convenient to go on Slack, share a project topic, debate on it, and share sensitive information – mind you, every team member can see what is ‘transpiring’.

And when the ‘conversation’ gets too ‘confidential’ or particular?

I simply send a Direct Message to the ‘particular’ person.

It even get better!

When it appears that ‘messages’ are not doing the job, I can start a Slack Voice or Video Call and share screen with team. What’s more, Slack allows me to share files and even archives them.

Now, that I’ve shared my own Top 4 ‘Entrepreneurial’ Apps with, I know there must be other apps you use to complete your ‘entrepreneurial’ tasks. I wouldn’t mind if you share yours with me in the comment box or simply do so @bossmannigeria on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

I look forward to knowing yours!

Have a profitable day!

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