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Baby Market Boom: 6 Lucrative Business Opportunities

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Baby Market Boom: 6 Lucrative Business Opportunities

Baby Market Boom: 6 Lucrative Business Opportunities

The increasing Nigerian population continue to present business potentials for entrepreneurs and businessmen. Hundreds of babies are born in Nigeria every day. This high birth rate translates to an everyday increase in the consumer base in our markets.

Babies have needs, these needs range from simple, basic to sophisticated luxury, depending on the purchasing power parents. Babies require food, clothing, care, medication, cot, blanket, etc and their needs remain dynamic. This makes for great business opportunities in the Baby care industry.

The global baby market has hit an estimate of 66.8 billion USD in sales. Africa has the highest birthrate in the world, and Nigeria is projected to be the 4th largest country in the world by 2050. So the Baby market would not be running out of customers anytime soon.
This makes the Baby market one of the most lucrative business opportunities in Africa and the world at large.

Parenting and child care has changed from what it used to be decades ago. Parents have more options available as to how to cater and pamper their child. This variety of options translates to plenty of business opportunities, some of which include the sales of the following:

  • Baby Food
    Food is a basic need for the human body. Babies and growing children have food that is better suited for them than solid food. Though exclusive breastfeeding is advocated and encouraged, some situations make it difficult for some mothers to adhere to it fully. Making Baby formula the other alternative. Sale of baby formula is very lucrative as parents must feed their hungry babies. And as babies grow bigger, their appetite also increase.

    There are different varieties of Baby food and formula, with ranging prices. So there is something for everyone, both the rich and poor alike.

  • Baby Clothing
    Just like food, clothing is a basic human need. The baby clothing industry is a very lucrative sub-market of the clothing market. Ironically, baby cloths are more expensive than clothes for older people.

    The frenzy of fashion trend found its way into the Baby market, and every mother tries to cloth their child with the best, as much as they can afford.

  • Baby Diapers
    Excretion is one of the characteristics of a living thing. Children from the day they are born, begin to excrete. Until they learn to communicate, they continue to excrete on themselves. This makes diapers indispensable in the care of a baby.

    Although reusable diapers(nappies) are still in the market, most people opt for disposable diapers instead, because of the convenience of its use. As disposable diapers are removed once it’s soiled, parents use up to 5 pieces per day for one child. And they ensure they do not run out of supply. This promises a steady market for businessmen.

  • Baby Accessories
    All the items mentioned above are basic items needed for baby care. But baby accessories are non-essential items that are also used in the care of babies. Some of these items are simple and basic, such as a baby bed, cot, blankets, plates and spoons, feeding bottles, etc. While some others are luxuries parents use to show love and pamper their children. Some of these luxurious baby items include baby toys, dolls, strollers, high chair, etc.
  • Baby Skin Care Products
    The skin of babies are delicate and require special care, as the use of all kinds of products could be harsh for on them. Babies require specially formulated products that are best suited for their delicate skin. We have baby soaps, baby lotion, baby powder, baby wipes, etc.
  • Baby Blogging
    New Moms have a lot to learn about baby care, and most Moms do not know where to seek information from. In our modern world, childcare has drifted from what our mothers knew.
    A Mom blogger can carve a niche in blogging by providing a platform where Moms can find all their answers. Such platform can make available information on what is expected of a child at each stage of development, how to manage children with special needs, when to make dietary changes, offer advice on challenges usually faced by new mothers.

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