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Cool office devices that make work smart and easy.


Cool office devices that make work smart and easy.

Cool office devices that make work smart and easy.

New devices are rolled out everyday. Some of these inventions are designed to make our work easy, smart, and above all save our time. They are simple and convenient to use.

Here are a few cool office devices you would love to know about.

Hello is a communication device that can transform any TV screen to a video interface for video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, streaming, and much more.

Video conferencing has just gotten better as HELLO makes it easier for everyone to communicate, interact and share ideas. HELLO projects clear images and has good speakers for quality sound.

#Ergonomic Chairs.
Some people sit for long hours everyday at the office. Aside the cumulating stress from the tasks of a job, prolonged sitting is not “spine-friendly”.

Ergonomic chairs can help solve that, as it is designed to keep the spine aligned while seated. Thereby supporting the lower back and relieving pressure.

This is not a chair for only the Boss, it can be acquired for other members of staff as well.

# Brookstone Wi-fi Scanner.
How about an easy hand-held scanner that you can use at the convenience of your desk. You need not bother leaving your sit to go scan a document, or wait wait till you return to the office before you use the office scanner.

With Brookstone Wi-fi scanner, all you have to do is to run the Brookstone device across your document or pictures and the scanning is done.

The device is battery-powered and very convenient to use.

# Dell 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Laptop.
How about having a laptop without the stress of always dragging a charger around?

Dell 2-in-1 wireless charging laptop makes that a reality. Being charger-less is not the only catch, as the device is a hybrid gadget that can serve both as a laptop and a detachable tablet.

#Panasonic Desktop Companion Robot.
This smart robot eases the inconvenience of conventional projectors. The egg-like shaped device among other things serves as a projectors. It has natural language processing tech, uses cloud connectivity and executes voice command.

These devices are available on Amazon and some other online stores.

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