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The Nigerian Billionaires You’ve Probably Never Heard of


The Nigerian Billionaires You’ve Probably Never Heard of

The Nigerian Billionaires You’ve Probably Never Heard of

Otedola, Alakija, Dangote and Adenuga are a few names that ring a bell whenever mentioned, as they’re quite popular in the media for their billion dollar businesses. However, there are a few Nigerians who are part of the billionaire gang, with successful business empires, but they choose to live quiet lives, and much of them is not heard in the media.

Here are 7 Nigerian billionaires you probably never knew:

Oba Otudeko

Oba Otudeko (CFR) is a foremost and visionary Nigerian entrepreneur reputed for his highly successful domestic and foreign investments cutting across diverse sectors of the economy. His business interest cuts across Honeywell Group, Fan Milk of Nigeria Plc and Airtel Nigeria, where he seats on the management board of these institutions as Chairman.

Oba Otudeko was a one time chairman of First Bank of Nigeria Plc, where he served for a period of 12years.

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